If in doubt

risotto is the answer. Or flirting. Or cake. Even a professional likes my cooking. I’m quite pleased with that. I made roasted pepper and cream cheese risotto and a nice balsamic salad. It’s so nice cooking for someone who likes everything and is interested in food.

Tomorrow’s braai.
Boerewors & sosaties from the South African shop. (Might get some koeksuisters as well) Some prawn kebabs and maybe some halloumi ones too. And then everyone else is bringing bread, salads and more MEAT. And drinks for themselves. That should sort it all out. I’m looking forwards to it, I will be seeing my lovely Mishka and the ever fabulous Rebecca and then the usual Bristolian suspects too. Fun fun. Plus The Boy wot I am dating is going to pop in after work. I assume to be grilled by Mish.