I have been acknowledged as a Good Cake Provider at work. Which is nice. My Apple & Spice Tealoaf came out really nicely in fact and I am rather pleased with it. I will make it again too as it was yummy and reasonably healthy. Next week is banana and choc cake.

I have also booked a day pass to the Marriott in Bristol for me and my mum at the special price. I shall see whether mum wants to do that or rather go to Bath Spa. I am quite sure I can use the Marriott one any time. It does look rather nice tho

I hate it when you have to send potentially upsetting emails to people but then they reply saying they were thinking the same thing and it’s fine really. WHEW.

2 thoughts on “CAKE DAY

  1. we ektually considered the bath spa last weekend but on arrival it was full of tourists…i’d be wary
    that hotel we stayed at had a spa next door…and thats in bristol

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