Le weekend

So far so good. Party on friday night which was great fun until a bunch of stranger people turned up with some nitrous oxide(?) and a cream dispenser and some balloons and proceeded to get high on that. I thought I was pretty in touch with things but man, they were utterly bizarre. I’m totally confused about the whole thing. I must be getting old.

Saturday I was rather tired and a little hungover so mooched around until I decided to go into town and look at the Harbour Festival. Which was pretty good, I think came home, watched half of Let the Right One In and fell asleep. I went out a bit later to meet the Kevster and his lovely friends plus this guy I have been dating and his housemate came along and we watched a couple of bands, ate Jamaican food and watched the fireworks. Which were blindingly good, and set along to decent music rather than rubbish pop music.

Today I have been for breakfast with Kev & the boys and done all my laundry, been to Tesco, purchased food and generally sorted stuff out. I have lovely framed pics on the walls now, all my Banksy postcards are up.

Want to see a bunch of gay guys utterly gobsmacked? point out the local transvestite – Sapphire.