I am off

The next 5 days will be spent in Cornwall, foraging for bits along the seashore, taking pictures and generally chilling out. I can’t wait.


Making a claim is a complete pain in the arse. I have just repeated my details 3 times to 3 different people. What a bunch of fools. I’m not expecting to get much back but every little helps I guess. No idea what happens next. This is turning into a fairly rubbish week actually.

Longest Monday in History

Just an observation like. But I think today is a definite contender. Slow day. Loads of work done but all of it unsatisfying and not really very interesting. I’m still in shock that one of my colleagues could go away having left a to-do list with items on it from June. I would be terrified…

Hello Mother!

I am currently in London having a few days with my mum. She’s awesome. We went bimbling around Kingston yesterday afternoon and went shopping for a bit. I got a new hair cut too which is exciting but not that exciting as really, it’s just tidying up the shambles that was there before. £17 too which…

Weekend bimbling

So sunday dawned bright and early. I missed it, and woke up about 10ish. Sleeping late is a strong point at the moment, going to bed at a reasonable hour is not. I eventually got myself ready and Simon came to collect me. As the weather was a bit rubbish to have the roof of his…