I appear to have acquired a swimming pool and persuaded Phil & Ben, the flowerpot men, to have a party next friday night. Obviously they are onto a winner, because the booze profit should be very high and we all get to meet new people. New people are good. Even more excitingly, the KevGavCombo is coming to virrit on Saturday so I shall have to try and not be hungover for them. I wouldn’t want the new boyfriend to have a bad impression of the female best friend. *smirk*

I am internet dating again. Hmm. So far so good. Less freaks than London and the mostly naked men seem to have calmed down a bit.

I am mainly going to be eating this weekend so I shall go for a run tomorrow morning. Tonight = curry with Matt, Tomorrow = lovely dinner with Mum, sunday = lunch with Abs, Rebecca & Sue. Lovely!