Boast – The MD of my company – who is generally a lovely man anyway – was really complimentary after our long meeting with a client yesterday. Said that I had improved their credibility 100% and that the client was really impressed with me. Utterly lovely to be complimented after the usual abuse and being told off by precious little account handlers about how I must not say this or do this etc in front of their client. Plus I got to go to a very nice restaurant for lunch and eat posh things.

Only problem I’m having with work at the moment is the sheer amount of travel. Not exciting travel but spending 6 hours on a motorway for a 2-3 hour meeting. I’ve got to go to Nottingham on Thursday (am being collected at 6am to be there for 10) and then Milton Keynes on Friday. Last week I went to Milton Keynes and the week before Macclesfield. I really don’t like long car journeys and no one wants to get the train except me. Luckily friday I can get the train to MK. DULL DULL DULL.

I’ve still lost 5lbs tho. Which is good. I’m hoping to lose some more in the next week but was unexpectedly derailed by a few drinks out last night. Oops. Was good fun tho.