Bristol Food Festival

As I had free tickets courtesy of eating at Harvey Nichols, it would have been a crime not to go. It was excellent as well other than the pouring rain. Which was more a little annoying!

It looks like I could get a box of organise veggies for £9.95 a delivery and doing that every 2 weeks would give me enough for 2 weeks. Sounds good to me. Plus they are local and support local farms. I think I shall do that once I’m off this silly diet.  It’ll mean that I’ll start trying new things like er, kohl rabi – what ever that is – and I would hope, get me out of a cooking rut.

We also saw the Well Hung Meat company, whose name made us snigger like children. Decent value organic meat but they suggest a family of 4 spend £140 a month on meat which seems rather vast to me! Maybe good for a one off order or so. 

Another other cool looking bunch of guys were the Canton Tea Co – who import proper tea from china and the far east to the uk. I bought some Jasmine and some White tea and had 3 cups of the white tea last night. I never really used to like the flavour of it but it really is delish. So fresh and not bitter at all. Very good for me too with all those anti-oxidents and I reckon 3-4 cups a day should start making me look a little more radiant than I currently am!

We did try a british charcuterie as well, some lovely sausages and salami. And they do sell the ends of their salami as well as the sliced bits. We again sniggered like children.

We then watched Louise McCrimmon do a cooking demo on how to use a whole chicken, which was pretty cool actually. She took a chicken and made – chicken dumplings in a soy, chilli, ginger broth, roast chicken salad with goats cheese dressing and fried peaches, green lentils with a roast sliced chicken breast with alioli over the top and then showed us how to make stock with the remainders. Awesome. All of that in an hour, very very impressive.

We also picked up vouchers for 2 courses & a side dish for £12 from the Loch Fyne, and 2 courses & a glass of bubble for a Harvey Nics brunch. mmmmm hurry up PAYDAY!