Do I always start a diet on the day we have a pub lunch? Luckily we’re going to the Velo Lounge which has lots of nice light salady options, I quite fancy a smoked salmon salad but looking at the menu, I shall have some chicken kebabs.

I am being very strict with my diet over the next 2 weeks, I really want to aim for a lower weight, I keep getting stuck on one particular figure and spiral around it for ages and ages and I am going to break that barrier and get down into my healthy BMI. Vanity is the best prompt really, I’m sick of my clothes and don’t see the point of new ones if I’m not happy with my weight.

I have a huge list of things to buy when I get paid in 10 days! I bet I change my mind on all of it soon tho. It’s all clothes for work. I’m going to more client meetings than I thought! Who knows, I may just change my mind.