Mopey mopey

I had a good week and now that its saturday morning I feel exhausted and mopey. I ate left over curry for breakfast. Madras is quite hot at 9am. 

I have sorted out all my clothes tho and have a black bag for the charity shop and a medium sized ‘maybe’ pile and a bunch of lovely things that I’d forgotten that I had. Unfortunately I don’t want to wear clothes because I’m having some kind of weird allergic reaction to either shower gel or washing powder and my skin has gone all itchy, sore, red and bumpy. Grim.

Everything is now neatly hungup or folded away into my new drawers (2 sets, ready built, from my friend Ben £60) which has improved the neatness of my room exponentially and is doing him a massive favour as he can’t take it to Phil’s when/if he moves in with her. The only issue with my room is that it looks rather bare with nothing on the walls at all. I have some nice picture frames which I think I might put some pics in and if I can brave the loft (or get someone else to do it).

I have more jumpers than I realise. I think I might have a bit of a thing about them.