I think I might do this


This course gives you the opportunity to study and practise plot and story-structure, character creation, place, and voice. You will be encouraged to build up a regular practice of writing by keeping a writer’s notebook, doing warm-up exercises, and reading as a writer, adding to your repertoire of techniques by examining other writers’ methods. Online discussions with your tutor and group will help you to develop and revise your work. There will be two assessed pieces of work: the first one a set of exercises written to a given theme; the second an entire short story or the beginning part of a longer narrative. The course is written by a novelist and is supported by an audio CD containing interviews with several novelists talking about their own inspirations and methods.

Interesting. I reckon it would be a good first step to see if I can study properly.

I really need to start doing things that aren’t work, that will stretch my brain a bit more.