Excel Dreaming

I have been doing a lot of Excel work in the last 2 days. I’m hoping that it’ll make my working life a whole lot easier in the long run cos I’ll be able to set up everything now and then just maintain it.

I ache so badly from the cycling, I think it’s because I’m a)unfit b)doing 8 miles a day without a rest. Tonight I’m going to get the bus home and I’ll get the bus to the station in the morning. It means a bit of a walk from the bus stop to the station tomorrow morning but my legs are utterly exhausted and achey and I feel really really drained today. My bike also needs a bit of work – the gears are slipping and the tyres are going flat and the brakes are not very effective. Not ideal when you live on top of a bloody LARGE hill.

I’m also going to start shopping from the greengrocer and the butchers on the mini high street with only limited trips to Tesco’s. Mainly because Tesco is so godforsakenly awful. Might do a Waitrose run on the weekend, I really want edamame beans.

Had a mini South African style BBQ last night – ribs in Steers sauce, some Nando’s chicken and salad and jacket potatoes done with salt and olive oil which were unbelievably soft and fluffy. Delish. Phil and Ben came round and we gossiped happily for ages.