Loft adventurers

I need some of those, given I managed to break the loft ladder yesterday and strand myself up there. I was just lucky Clare was around and that I was on the top rung when it gave way. It would have been a proper OUCH if I’d have fallen all the way down. Luckily I managed to get all the things I really needed from the loft – hairdryer, clothes rack and all my spices and food. Plus a couple of work outfits but I may not need those so much because it’s a jeans and tshirt kinda place. Which is nice given I have quite a few of semi-casual clothes.

New job going well so far, I’m on lunch at the moment, I’ve been for a litte stroll down the mini highstreet which is very sweet and there are a bunch of cafes and bakeries plus quite a few charity shops and random bits. And I have possibly got a lift share colleague who lives round the corner from me, which is ace, and once he’s back from holiday then I should be able to share lifts with him. I cycled to Temple Meads this morning and will cycle home again tonight, it only takes about 20 mins or so as they have improved the cycle path through Ashley Down and I don’t have to spend 10 mins walking the bike up the big hill outside my place! Whew. Nice cycle too and I’ve discovered a much safer way to go rather than through Fishponds where the druggies and prossies hang out. Whew.

I get paid on the 20th July. Yippeee. Having calculated, I should last until then! And it will be 5 weeks pay which is even nicer. And I have discovered the climbing gym is a lot cheaper than London – at £7 a session or £32 a month for unlimited climbing – so I think I shall start climbing again, cheaper than the gym plus much more fun.