I am employed

In Bath, in the job I really wanted. And they have jumped at the chance of me starting on Monday which is even better!

All I need to do is figure out how to get to work! Might be a cycle to the station, then train to work. Or bus to station then train. Maybe 2 buses. Hmm. Maybe I should just buy a moped or a really cheap car until I’ve managed to find a place to live close enough to walk to Temple Meads.


I could either stay at Clare’s until November, when I will have paid off all the travel costs and have time to save up for a flat but getting to work on public transport is a bit of a pain. Cycling to Temple Meads is an option tho but it’s weather dependant.
I could move at the beginning of August after my first month’s salary and pay off travel costs slower  over 6-7 months.

Weekly travel costs look like £26.30 for the train and £45.90 for the bus and train combined.