Decisions Decisions


1. I’m going back to Bristol sometime this week – dependant on car borrowing skillz
2. I’m going to move back in with Clare on a week by week rental, she’s keen, and I want to be semi-settled while I either look for something for myself or look for a job
3. If I get the Bath job, I shall start looking into a new flat in the centre of Bristol
4. If I don’t get the Bath job, then I shall start looking for another job.
5. I am vaguely keen on speaking to my old company in Portishead for work. It’s enjoyable and the people are nice. I know I could do a good job for them and they would appreciate me. I’m not sure they need me tho.
6. I really quite fancy opening a nice little tea shop, with cakes and nice teas and coffees and genteel sandwiches all served on mismatched plates with crazy teapots and cute little milk jugs. And lots of room to show off photography and art exhibitions.
7. I shall start temping next week as quickly as possible so I can get some cash in if the Bath job doesn’t happen.

No 5 onwards aren’t really decisions.