Chillin’ day

Lovely day. Awoke at 10ish, and bimbled around for a bit while Jason attempted to get over his broken ear. We then went out to get breakfast at a rather nice little cafe down in Kingston, nothing as good as the lovely places in Bristol for a weekend breakfast but tolerable all the same. Jason then headed home and I headed back for some housework. BORING. But it’s mostly all done now, I’ve been to Sainburys, purchased food for the rest of the week (at least for the days I’m home)

last night was awesome, really lovely food at the Canbury Arms – sea trout on a lemony crayfish linguine with rocket.

Tonight I’m making flatbread pizza and probably some strawberries and custard. Tomorrow lunch is crab and avo salad and dinner tomorrow if either with the Kevster or some pasta. Tuesday I shall be dining in Bath with the ladies after my interview and Wednesday I shall have a wrap with avo and chorizo for lunch and then in the evening I shall have dinner at Kiri’s before we go to watch Morris Dancing. Nice week ahead.