I have the worst cold in the history of human-kind. The kind where you wake up in the middle of the night unable to breathe and in a total panic. I have had lemsip now and will drink lots of water in the hope that I can flush it out.

One of my dearest friends has had her baby. Welcome to the world Fraser William. He looks a sweetie. He was almost born in the lift after a rather rubbish experience with a crap midwife. Poor Kiri is massively traumatised.

On the plus side, I appear to have lost weight as the dress I am wearing is substantially looser than it was when I wore it last week. I’m not weighing myself until Wednesday night tho as that’s when I last did it.

Worklife – work is boring but I’m pushing through. Clients are as silly as they always were and I’m struggling to maintain a straight face quite regularly when they make ridiculous requests. Major plus points – I’ve got an interview in Bristol on Thursday. I really want to move back there. Plus the agency I have the interview with, look awesome. I have 5 more weeks of work left here and I hope I can make it back to Bristol by then.

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