Random dinner

This working business is really quite hard. I’m not sure I like it. So my new grand plan is

1. Lose 40lbs and start tanning more regularly
2. Get long blond hair extensions
3. Hang out in bars in the City.
4. Marry very rich man and be trophy wife.
5. Gain back 40lbs
6. Take everything in the divorce. Plus alimony.

I feel this may be an excellent plan,  I realise that at the age of 30 I am too old really to be a proper trophy wife so I think I’ll set my sights on a millionaire rather than a billionaire. Aim low etc.

Seriously, I quite enjoyed work today, I maybe getting faster, plus it’s stopped being a whirl of random acronyms. And no more random projects that I go to meetings about and have to ask basic questions about what the project is for. Whew.

This weekend I am going to Bristol to collect my clothes and shoes. YAY. Next weekend I am going to cycle from Brighton to Canterbury with Mr Frisky. 2 days to do 70miles. YAY. It should be lovely. Unless it’s raining. In which case we shall cycle in the rain and whinge at each other.

Oh and dinner was random as it was
prawns, half an avo, boursin and roasted sweet potato.YUM.

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