Sunday’s in my new home

I really rather love them. I’m eating lovely fresh salad with left over roast chicken from last night and drinking tea plus a little taramasalata and french bread after a morning of tidying, cleaning and putting stuff away. Plus I cycled into Kingston for a few odds and ends to make the place look tidier.

Things to do:
figure out what to do with the chest of drawers that I brought with me.
repot the pumpkins and tomato plants
go for a longer, more serious bike ride to get some proper exercise
wash bed clothes & dry and make bed
plot going to SA for a visit – anyone heard of Air Afriqiyah? Cheap cheap via Libya?!
Finish unpacking properly
contemplate what to have for dinner. More chicken and perhaps some asparagus. Yum.

Anyways, I’m still coming to terms with the fact that I am "cold, calculating, sad and mad.” Also “lacking in essential humanity”. Oh, and just ain “weird". No, nothing to do with a break up but gosh, the Daily Wail is at it again. I am actually livid at this I actually don’t understand why she feels this way. What is wrong with her that she must judge every woman’s choices. Luckily the blogoshere has not taken this well. This made me laugh, more in recognition than it being funny.

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