I haz a single

Again. Broke up with Chris tonight before work.

Work was dull. 3 shifts left. No more after saturday at 1pm. Then my mother comes to collect me. Like a small child who has fallen out with the slumber party. Gonna pack up my stuff tomorrow and sort out my plants and take my library books back and pick up my fixed phone. Maybe have a look at some shoes. Retail therapy. Won’t buy clothes cos hopefully the breakup diet will kick in. Usually does when I’m feeling upset.

I am dead inside really. I am more relieved and sad than anything else. It was all getting massively weird and there was tension and no one was talking and it was shit. Anyways. I’m moving back to Lou’s on saturday, she’s awesome.

4 interviews this week so far and I am exhausted. It’s really hard being nice to everyone. Today’s was awesome, yesterdays was great and monday’s aren’t really a goer to be honest. I don’t think I’d want either of them.

Am going to speak to my previous employers regarding going back to Bristol too. It’s an option.

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