I’m moving back to London (well Kingston) on Saturday. Pissy pissy. It’s not really working out in Oxford, or rather Abingdon. I feel isolated, I can’t get around and I don’t know anyone. Plus the fact that I’m working in an off license and have no decent job and can’t find one in Oxford is not helping. Plus the tiny house that Chris moved into with his ex-girlfriend is making me feel weird, I have no stuff here (like basics like clothes and shoes amd nail cutters etc) and well, yeah. Feh.

So the lovely Lou has swept into the rescue (again) and I’m off to occupy her spare room(again) and stop her cats from protest vomiting when she stays at her boyfriend. Plus I feed her regularly and she appreciates it massively. She’s the most excellent housemate after Kev.

I’ve had 3 interviews this week and one more tomorrow. I have to get a job soon.

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