Interview central.

I have 2 on monday

1 in central london for a contract
1 in Twyford for a perm Senior Project Manager role
and then another one in London on Tuesday for a role which is working from home, Bicester and London. Random.

We shall see. I theoretically have another one for a contract near London Bridge sometime next week. And a second interview for the BIG IMPORTANT JOB. Which I’m not sure I want any more. I’m keen on contracting again.

I bought a new dress and pair of shoes to wear. Have been feeling very unprofessional in my random clothes that I just grabbed from Bristol in a hurry. Plus had entirely the wrong shoes. Now that is remedied, I feel much better about stuff. Strange how it affects me.

Have to move everything from Bristol on Sat the 30th. Not sure where it’s going to go yet.

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