Didn’t get the Oxfam job. They offered it to someone else. Feh. Even tho there were 2 jobs on offer. It all sounds a bit fishy but that might be my sheer annoyance at the situation.

In any case, I will hopefully have an interview at a London integrated marketing agency next week, which while it is not in the direction I envisaged, will at least pay the bills and allow me to build up my CV and my savings. Plus its always fun in a pretentious way and I like having an expense account.

I’m applying for jobs left, right and centre, and getting no bites whatsoever, which is very concerning as usually I get calls fairly regularly. The market must be bad. Ah well. I have a good relationship with the agent concerned with the job above as her bloke used to work for me plus she’s placed me a few times already and knows I get great references.

Weekend is looking good so far, today I’m checking out town with Naomi and her kids, tomorrow Martin and his fiance is coming to virrit and Monday I am going to see Kiri who is 38 weeks preggo and has just been proposed too. Wicked.