I went to the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford today. It was FREAKING AWESOME. It’s basically like a a bunch of stuff, all in old fashioned display cases with random little notes written in old fashioned professor type handwriting – all spidery and curvy. Plus they have an Hawaiian feather cloak, a whole cabinet labeled ‘Dealing with Dead Enemies’ and a model of a mongolian temple. Ace.

My darling mother also treated me to lunch and we bought me a pair of smart jeans and a new watch because my beloved watch has given up the ghost and it’s going to cost at least £30 to fix. Sob. But I have a new Red Herring Watch which is cool and snazzy.

Tomorrow I am going to hopefully look at another flat above a shop in Abingdon central and hopefully hear about the Oxfam job. Fingers crossed. I have however applied for 10 other jobs on friday afternoon. So SOMETHING will happen soon.