Whew, the most intense interview I’ve had in a long while. 3 people pretty much tag teaming me – question after question bouncing from topic to topic. Nice people tho and they admitted it was a tough interview. I have great hopes for it and really would like the job. Its well within my capabilities and it would be amazing to work for an organisation that I can be proud of.

Happily I start at the off license tomorrow morning. I wonder how soon the staff discount kicks in? 24 hours this week and hopefully the same again next week. Need to decide whether I want to work at the Radio One big weekend in the bar too. 24 hours off bar service. But they pay you straight away and it’ll be £120 or so. It’s do that or see Naomi & the kids. I only get paid in a month for the off license job and it’s a long time until the 25th of May. Decisions decisions.

2 thoughts on “Over

  1. Do the bar, it’ll be fun. When last did you get to work an event, when will you again?
    Hope you get this job Charlie, mom doesn’t need two unemployed childrens.
    PS you forgot to mention that Kev looks slim and hot and I suspect he needs a boost at the mo.

    • Good point and yes, I shall work the bar and have sorted it out as such with my current place of employment.
      I really hope I get this job too.
      I might do a little Ode to Kev in a mo.

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