Its so nice to be knowing that I am staying in one place for the conceivable future. The soonest I shall be able to move is in 6 weeks time if things go according to plan. And we all know how that doesn’t happen!

I headed up on the bus yesterday and was collected by the lovely Christopher, who then treated me to a jacket potato with cheese & beans for lunch and then we headed over to Tesco(how exciting!) and have pretty much been chilling out and trying to get over our jetlag. Which is kinda working except for the waking up at 7am business. Goddamnit, I’m unemployed, I should not be awake at work time.

So, today has been pleasant. I could get used to being unemployed. I have tried on my suit for my interview on Monday tho and it looks lovely. I feel very smart and may even be professional. Chris tried his on too and it looks awesome – if slightly big as he lost weight in Cambodia. I did not. Rice and noodles do not agree with me obviously. I put on half a stone while I was away. Time for a bit of the South Beach diet I think. I started well with an omelette with tomatos and goats cheese, then a salmon salad for lunch with some left over roasted veg and dinner is going to be fish and sweetcorn and something else.

We’re off to join the library in a minute. I’m so excited. I haven’t belonged to a library for about 15 years.

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  1. the last time i tried to join a library they sent me to the wrong desk 3 times (across 4 floors with no lift)
    they charged me R75, didn’t send me my laminated card, didn’t have what I wanted, didn’t notify me when it was returned and I never went back.

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