Didn’t do much in Sihanoukville other than consume banana and strawberry shakes but we got the bus back to Phnom Penh today where we discovered it had been raining. A lot. And the drains could not cope. Flooded streets everywhere. Which was fine in a large bus but not so fine when our bloody tuk tuk driver decided to drive through a puddle about thigh high. My bag and feet are wet. Idiot.

After that, he started driving in the general direction of our hotel, I didn’t believe he actually knew where he was going so followed his route on the map. Luck I did as he just drove straight past the hotel and it took lots of yells to make him go the right way. God I am sick of tuk tuk drivers. Let me count the ways.

  1. The yelling from the other side of the street, the opposite corner, down the road, anywhere, from men lounging in their tuktuks at us “hello tuktuk” the minute you leave the building. Any building. Occasionally they drive parallel as you walk looking intently at you even after you’ve said No. If you ignore them, the yelling gets louder and louder.
  2. They pretend they know where they are going until about 5 mins into the drive and then they stop and check their map repeatedly, ask you for the name again and again and then sigh and shake their heads. Or yell at some other locals.
  3. The eternal bargain for a reasonable price. They see our western faces and inflate the price to 3 or 4 times what it should be. I don’t mind a little bit of inflation and a little bit of haggling but man, the sheer cheek is just crazy!!
  4. The fact they just turn right onto roads without even LOOKING left to see what’s coming. Even if it was a large bus or something. They just expect everything to get out of it’s way.
  5. The way they turn left, it’s a kind of inch out into oncoming traffic. It’s actually terrifying.

Oh dear. More than I thought.