I am coming home on Monday night (back Tuesday morning). I am tanned, skint and not noticably thinner than when I went. I do have good arm muscles from carrying a back pack. I may be slightly more tolerant of weird behaviours but this is entirely down to the fact that I have been subjected to too much of it. Chris & I have managed three weeks without a fight which I feel is a Good Sign(tm) and I’m really looking forwards to going back to Oxford and finding a nice place to live and a job(!). In fact the job part of it is the most urgent thing.

I am now very very skint and have exhausted my borrowing options (my mother is the best mother in the world ever and I will work many jobs and lots of overtime to pay her back) and I realise I am coming back to the UK in the middle of a major recession. How bad is it going to be? What to do?! Any suggestions on making money quickly(other than stripping or illegalities) or anyone got a job going? No matter how menial?