It was about 45C today and yesterday. I have never been this hot before! It’s just ridiculous. Melt. Melt. Melt.

2 days ago we did a day of temples. Yesterday we did Angkor Wat at sunrise and then continued on to Ta Prohm (where they filmed lots of Tomb Raider) and then headed to Banteay Srei and then collapsed at home. Today we have been back to Angkor Wat (it’s seriously huge and the bas-reliefs require study) and then to Bayon (the one with all the faces)

We’re now waiting for my new glasses to be finished ($18 and done in an hour) and then I can stop wandering around with my sunglasses on indoors and in the dark. I’m so excited.

Tonight we’re going to have dinner in a restuarant that supports street kids and then tomorrow we’re just chillin’. The day after is a 10 hour bus ride to Sihanoukville where we are going to sit on the beach & watch the wild life. Joy