Ninh Binned!

We decided Ninh Binh was rubbish actually. It rained too much and the hotel owner who was billed as being seriously friendly in the guide book was a complete cock and we didn’t get to do anything cos it was just pouring all day.

And then we go the sleeping bus to Hue. I spent more time suspended from mid air as every time the driver went over a bump, I would launch into the air. It also rained through the window at me. And I have bruises from the hand rails dividing me from the other dudes sleeping next to me. Yeah. Don’t do it.

We are in Hue now which eventually stopped raining during the worlds most boring boat ride(in which an old woman tried to get us to buy alternately, carvings, linen tops, silk trousers and paintings on silk)

Tomorrow we go to Hoi An and then fly back to Saigon. Whew.