Sunny Saigon

and horrible Hanoi.

Stu was pickpocketed in Hanoi and was relieved of his wallet and about $3. I just thought it was rubbish. Lovely pretty lake in the middle and a nice enough Old Quarter but other than that, I found it quite unfriendly. I have however flown back to Saigon since then and sent Stu back to the UK and collected my lovely boyfriend who is happily surfing next to me.

It is raining now outside, well when I say raining, I actually mean that it is like a small river has just descended from the sky! Proper monsoon! Shouldn’t last too much longer tho and then we’re going to head back to the hotel and get some dinner. Tomorrow afternoon I’m flying to Hanoi and we’re going to duck off straight away to Halong Bay which should be AWESOME. And after that, we’re working our way down Vietnam back to Saigon and then we’re getting the bus to Phnom Penh for the Cambodian Adventure. And then it’s time to come back to the UK :sob: