Cooking class in Hoi An

Today I learnt to make some vietnamese food. It was awesome and man, I cook good!

We made vietnamese spring rolls – which are much lighter and more delicate than chinese ones and then some deep friend prawns (easy!) and then the most amazing fish soup – which had things like pineapple, tomato, mackeral and egg in it- so delicately spiced and flavoured and utterly delish! And then for our final dish, we did mackeral grilled in banana leaves.

It was fabulous and the best bit was sitting down to eat our delightful meal! Or it would have been if I hadn’t drunk too much vietnamese vodka with a dutch bloke, an english bloke and Stu the night before. Distinctly dodgy. However, I an still play pool better than Stu. Which made me massively happy. He’s such a bloody show off.

How bought some mini silk lanterns and silk scarves today! Total bargains and utterly beautiful reminders of my time in Vietnam when I get them up in the flat I don’t have yet!