I guess it would be obligatory to do a post entitled ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ but quite frankly I’m not sure I’m up to that level of clichedness. Nor did I really see morning this morning as I only surfaced at 11:30 after being awoken by Stu coming back at 5am and then his infernal snoring. Unfortunately his bed was on the far side of the room and he doesn’t respond to having things thrown at him.

Some observations on Vietnam …
– its very pretty.
– it’s full of mopeds all driven by someone with a 6th sense for avoiding pedestrians, each other and everything else.
– vietnamese girls are very small
– silk clothes are everywhere and they are beautiful
– taxi drivers will rip you off (see Stuart paying US$25 for a $6 ride!)
– Vietnamese people are very artisitic
– the Vietnamese Dong and the US Dollar are both accepted and everyone does maths in their heads
– Vietnamese wine is remarkably acceptable
– Vietnamese vodka makes you crazy and gives you a massive hangover (see Stuart today – I remain virtuous after drinking water – no money to drink)
– the sea is beautifully warm and clear and you can see fishes all the time

We’re in Nha Trang at the moment after a few days in Saigon – which is like every other big city, expensive, hot, sweaty, crazy, full of people and generally mad. I went to the Cu Chi tunnels which is a massive site where the rebels lived during the American War – under the ground – about 22kms of tunnels houses 16,000 people – men, women and children. 

We got the overnight train up to Nha Trang – a very pleasant experience – luckily we had no one sharing our 4 person cabin and it was remarkably comfortable. Earplugs necessary but otherwise not bad at all. Except for the music when we got on and when we got off! Vietnamese style europop – v scary!!

We arrived at about 6am and headed down to the backpacker area where we ended up having breakfast in Rainbow Divers and then I despatched Stu to see if our chosen hotel had a room – it did and we showered and headed down to the beach. Lovely! Stu had a massage on the beach (4pounds!) and we swam and chilled out.

Last night we had a bit of partying and then today has been quite chilled – we wanted to do the cable car but you have to pay for entry to the amusement and waterpark as well and I’m not sure we wanted to do that. So we went to the Long Sun Pagoda and Big Buddha. Where I was pretty much forced to buy some silk paintings from the orphan who showed us around in lieu of a tip. Luckily I paid half of what Stu paid for his!!

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