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Toy parrot’s Tourettes shocks mum


The offending toy parrot

Stunned mother Tina Banks was left gobsmacked when the toy parrot she’d just bought her 11-month-old girl told her: ‘I’m going to rip your head off and s**t down your neck.’

The 99p toy let off a volley of abuse as they walked home, calling out ‘arseholes’ and squawking ‘f**k off’.

‘I thought that was a pretty good deal, but then I heard what was coming out of it’s beak,’ said Ms Banks.



‘The man in front of me turned round and looked at me and walked off in disgust.’

The colourful parrot, perched on daughter Roxy’s pushchair, turned the air blue when touched.

‘Someone programmed it to say it would rip off your head and s**t down your neck. What kind of thing is that for a parrot to say?’ said 44-year-old Ms Banks, of Brighton.

Hussein Lalani, commercial director of 99p Stores, said it should not have been in the toy section.

‘It is labelled the product is not suitable for children.’