What I have been doing by Charlie age 30 and a quarter


Bundaberg. Lovely. Pretty. Long train ride up there on the Spirit of the Overland. Then was collected by the lovely people at the resort we were staying at (bargain place – I totally recommend it www.kellysbeachresort.com.au) and we headed back to sleep early – thus setting the early to bed routine for the next 4 days! The next day was spent alternately by the pool or the beach and consuming hot dogs for lunch (this is the problem with remote beach resorts – no lovely little cafes and only one burger van).

Also, what is chicken salt? 

2nd day of chilling – er. We didn’t chill that much. We decided to take Xavier to the Zoo so headed into town and went for a wander. It was SO HOT. Eventually headed back and collapsed by the pool about 3:30.

3rd day – headed back to Bundy to get the train to Hervey Bay. Which is like this beautiful little town where everyone goes to Fraser Island. Awesome! I was feeling sickie so had an afternoon nap and then we went to find some yummy pasta. Great place. I would go there again.

Today was a bit of a mission! Up early to get the train back to Brisbane and then we went to the park and then Xavier and Marci went home and I headed to the city to see a bit of Brisbane. I then got lost, had a Wagamamas and collected my baggage to head to the airport. I am now chilling(literally, it’s like a fridge in here!) and waiting for my flight to Darwin.

Yes. I will avoid the saltwater crocodiles in Darwin. EVERYONE has told me about them!!

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