Observations on Oz


Lethal. Universally worn. Normal people call them flip flops. I have seen quite a lot of people lose them, trip over them and generally go tits up! They also appear to break quite regularly and I’m surprised people haven’t got damaged feet from them given the lack of support they give your feet (old lady that I am!)

Air conditioning

Everywhere. Endemic. In Adelaide, they talk about it like londoners talk about property prices. Brisbane airport is REALLY COLD. Makes me sneeze, I hate it.


Alright. It was a fit of weakness. I was hungry and wanted something familiar. Chicken katsu curry and some edamame was lovely. The aftertaste is exactly the same as UK wagamama’s. I got the train to Brisbane airport in a state of extreme contentment.


It’s true. They are obsessed. And like England, they have different beers in different places. I have seen so many! Cascade, Boags, Bundaberg, and all sorts. I don’t like it tho. Beer = uggies

4 thoughts on “Observations on Oz

  1. come home! you are having too much of fun!!!
    flip flops r too tempting to buy el-cheapo… the more expensive ones are worth it to avoid above issues! or keep the el-cheapo’s for occassional/high-risk use like gym showering or beach visits… not for round town!
    i have yet to goto wagamama’s… i wonder what would be homely and comforting for me in Oz??? *concern*

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