Day off

I am having a day off. I slept until 9am. I have a cold and I really can’t be bothered to do anything. Luckily Ozbird is quite happy to provide me with a laptop and leave me on the sofa until I feel better. It’s raining anyways and going out is not really a good idea. A day on the sofa and day time tv is utterly blissful now!

The plan for the next week or so …

Thursday – train back to Sydney, dump my bags in the lockers at the station, head to the beach for a beach afternoon and then maybe meet Sally for dinner before I get a flight to Brisbane. (Bus 14 hours and $95, flight $80 and 1 hour.) 
Friday – Brisbane with my cousin Marci
Saturday – we’re getting the train up to Bundaberg and heading for a resort and we’re chiling out until Tuesday.
Tuesday – we’re going to Hervey Bay on the way back and heading back on
Wednesday – evening flight to Darwin.
Thurs, Frid, Sat I shall spend in Darwin and then at 5pm on Saturday evening I fly to Vietnam.

I have 1 week in Vietnam with my lovely friend Stu and then he leaves and my even lovelier boyfriend arrives! I can’t wait to see him.