Tales of a Tasmanian Trip

Or ‘What I did in Tasmania’

Arrived Thursday evening and was treated to a roast lamb by my lovely cousin Bron. Uttterly delightful to have some yummy home cooked food – I’m quite sick of restaurants – and the lamb was cooked perfectly. I knew then that it would be the start of a great week!

Friday – arose relatively early and headed off to Port Arthur via Pirate Bay and the Tessalated Pavement. The Pavement is a very strange rock formation that has been formed by the water and the type of rocks there. It’s very weird and just a little bit cool.

However enroute to the Pavement we spotted an echidna in the middle of the road so we screamed to a halt and Bron attempted to rescue the idiotic creature. It wasn’t happy and curled up into it’s spiny ball leaving Bron bleeding slightly from the hands. We eventually moved the sill critter. (Here is an earlier example!) and continued on to Port Arthur

Port Arthur was a prison. It’s on a tiny islet of land sticking out into the ocean and to get to it, you have to go down a narrow causeway (which used to be guarded by starving dogs!). It’s a very pleasant little tourist attraction now and has some great exhibits. http://www.portarthur.org.au/ You can see the goal and the island they buried the convicts on and where they were put into solitary confinement and the lunatic asylum and the Commandant’s House. Totally Excellent.

Saturday we headed into Hobart which is a lovely little city nestled into Mount Wellington on the harbour. Mount Wellington, like Cape Town, also has a table cloth of cloud covering the top on a regular basis. We went for a good walk around town, collected some muti for my cousin and then headed to the Salamanca Market which is a famous market every saturday afternoon – after spending a little bit of money on a few pressies, we headed home and got ready to drive up to Launceston. A city a 2 hour drive across the Midlands – north of Hobart . Saturday night we partied! It was my cousin’s 30th birthday! So we all got dressed up in our 70s gear (cheers Mish for making me buy that top!)