This city rocks. I am here now and have been since thursday night. It’s pretty bloody awesome. Crikey!

– Philippa took me for a long drive around – have seen Bondi, The Gap, North Head, South Head and went for a lovely swim at Balmoral Beach.
– Then, more excitingly, we drove down to the Neutral Bay Ferry and got the Ferry to the Opera House where we went to a classical music concert – Dvorak and Shostakovich as conducted by Ashkenazy. Utterly fabulous music and an amazing location. 
– I went sightseeing in the morning, did the sight seeing bus tour around (very expensive!) and then headed back to the house for lunch and then was collected by Niki who took me to meet some of her friends and we had a lovely afternoon sitting in the bar under the opera house and chatting to people who have settled in Sydney after living in the UK. I think I’d like to live in Sydney.
– I was collected by Nikki – who was on a mission for some new clothes for her posh conference in Asia next week. I was very bad and bought a dress too. I know I shouldn’t have but I am SO SICK of my clothes. Some of which I’ve had to ditch. My cheap Tesco stuff was not a good idea to purchase!! Anyways! I knew a couple of things would fall apart.

Tomorrow I am theoretically going to the Blue Mountains but it’s raining and I think I might go to the Art Gallery instead.

2 thoughts on “Sydney

    • I think Sydney is very busy. I quite like it tho. It’s raining at the moment tho which is sad. I’m in Manly!
      Very small wardrobe but I am on a limited budget and spending $62 on a dress is bad!

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