On Wednesday morning I headed up to Launceston on the bus, it drives through all the small towns between Hobart and Launceston and is a lovely journey. I was collected by my lovely cousin Tam and her son Ryan.

and we drove off for lunch at Rosevears and then down to the Platypus House!

Who are incredibly difficult to photograph! (he was eating a worm)

and then we saw the Echidna’s who are their closest living relative!

They are weird. Cute but weird. Quite like hedgehogs with long noses and tongues.

And then we stopped for the great Australian tradition. A Lamington. Shared of course!

The next day was a peaceful time of dropping Ryan off and then heading over the to Cateract Gorge (pics to follow) and mooching around Launceston to see how things were going. Really nice little city. And then I caught my flight to SYDNEY!