On sunday morning we woke up bright and early and Karyn and I decided to head off on a mini road trip! We were going to drive down the East Coast of Tasmania vis the Elephant Barn and St Mary’s to Bicheno and then do the Freycinet National Park and the walk up to Wineglass Bay on the monday. So off we set!

First stop was a little road house for an egg & bacon sandwich and a visit to a most peculiar shop which appeared to sell everything and nothing at all! Then onwards to a second hand shop to collect some Agatha Christie’s for Rod and then we stopped at the Elephant Barn. High up in the mountains, over quite a few steep passes is the Elephant Barn. Not famous for the elephants, in fact, we didn’t see hide nor hair of one. What they are famous for tho, is PANCAKES. YUMMY

Stroking our very fat bellies, we headed off down the mountain looking for Bicheno. Which was our stop for the night. We were supposed to be going to the beach but the weather wasn’t so great. We went anyways.

That night, we went out to the Sea Life Centre to have some dinner and watch the Fairy Penguins come in to roost. Unfortunately it was too dark for my pics to come out well, but the food came out well. Karyn had half a cow and I had some Pink Ling which was delish.

The next morning we went to do this. It was LAME. The most pathetic excuse for a blowhole ever!

So we went to Freycinet and Wineglass bay!

We got to the carpark and after dutifully signing in we started the walk up to the lookout. And we went up and up and up.
Occasionally we looked up to look at the view.

and then we got to the top and headed to the look out point.

What a view! Utterly amazing. We were going to head down to the beach but it really was raining quite hard then and we decided to go back to the car. Luckily we did as we discovered this cheeky chap trying to break into it!

We stopped for lunch, went to a winefarm and then headed home.