The Great Ocean Road

So the plan was that I needed a bit of a rest after all the crazy sight seeing that I’d been doing and was going to go down the Great Ocean Road and have a mini holiday within a holiday. The weather however conspired against me and I got to Lorne and whilst waiting for the bus from Lorne to Apollo Bay it started to rain on me. Australians – please build bus shelters. I don’t care if there is only 3 buses a day, we still get wet. Feh.

Anyways, it was rubbish weather so I did stuff. But after the doing of Stuff, I got the bus the rest of the way down the Great Ocean Road taking in some rather cool sights.

Mainly – the 12 Apostles – more like 8 now tho!

The Loch Ard Gorge

and London Bridge

I was panicking about making my connection in Warrnambool as the bus timetable said the bus got in at 16:55 and one train of the day left at 17:05 but the bus driver was superb. We were perfectly on time AND he called ahead for us and booked our tickets. He was a superb bus driver too and told us about all the sights we were heading past. Really great bloke.

I then had one final day in Melbourne – spend the morning with Liz, hanging around, checking out some shops and then headed over for salads and a chill out by the Yarra River.

AND then it was time to catch my flight to Tasmania – Hobart to be precise – to see my cousins who I had last seen when I was about 10. I was mildly concerned about recognising them in the airport but it turned out to be rather straight forwards even after I had had my bag searched because the sniffer dog took a liking to me (there was chocolate in the bag!)

And then the adventure really begins! Tassie is awesome…