The Rialto 360 – views of Melbourne from about 50 stories up

Wow. So Melbourne is a very tall city, well, tall in one part. The main city square. Everything is very tall and glittery and the building tower over everything. It’s kinda like a square bit of New York was transplanted to Australia. There is 2 observation decks in the city – one called the Rialto and one called the Eureka. The Eureka is like $28 and the Rialto was $14 plus we had a 2-4-1 entry to it. So we did that. Oh and the Eureka charge you to take pictures. Sucks to be them as Kev would say.

(kinda northwards)

kinda southwards over the docks


You can see how close to the sea Melbourne actually is as well

I took some cool friends with me too!

Luckily the entire place is surrounded by bars to prevent people from throwing themselves over.