Road Trip to the Mornington Peninsula

Check us out! We were ready to go! (except for Andrew who looks curiously blank)

First stop was the Arthur’s Seat Maze. Which was aMAZEing. Boom tish. Sorry. It’s basically a Maze theme park. Yes. Lovely. For children you would thing. 3 hours later we were exhausted and only mildly disappointed in the lack of temporary tattooing going on.

There was a really cool sculpture garden!

and a surprisingly difficult Tyre Maze

and quite a lot of quite ludacrious topiary

and the highlight of the place – the Maize Maze. Which really was a bit like being in Children of the Corn. A bit silly.

The view from the top of the mountain that Arthur’s Seat is on is quite glorious

but the day ended very well with fish and chips on a rather glorious beach in Sorrento. Even if I’m not sure about something called a Chippery?! it’s a chippy ffs.