Colonial Tramcar

As we were being proper tourists, we decided to do something cool and touristy – The Tramcar Restaurant. An old fashioned tramcar that travels around Melbourne while you eat. We rocked up at 12:45 for lunch with a few friends and Liz & Andrew and were greeted by the exceptionally professional waiter/maitre d!!

and the inside. (note the Chis semi-doppelganger)

Absolutely delicious food – dips to start with and then some salmon and avocado mouse and then one of the nicer steaks I’ve had for a long time. Followed by a huge cheese place. Yummy. Definitely worth doing, we saw so much and well, the free wine definitely helped!

2 thoughts on “Colonial Tramcar

  1. I love the Tramcar restaurant. I think that will have to be a must do for Frog and I one day. We celebrated my father 60th or 55th on it I think. One of my mothers great surprises.

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