I just went for a cycle. 4 hours later I got back. 30kms and a 4km walk to the very lovely Marriners Falls which was awesome. So much for my beach day! It was cold and windy albeit sunny when I awakened this morning and I decided the beach wasn’t the best idea really. So headed into the Tourist Info place. And guess what?! You really need a car to see any sights. Bugger. The woman was spectacularly unhelpful and I got the right hump. So I wandered outside and my eyes cast apon a shop renting mountain bikes. So I went to talk to them.

I cycled out to the waterfall – took me ages and I was knackered when I got there but set of immediately for a little walk and was stared at by this pair of reprobates

the path slowly got more and more ferny and green and started to look all english

and I had to cross the creek several times by hopping over stones.

until eventually I found the waterfall.

It really wasn’t all that big at all!!

Lovely day tho and the cycle back was way way easier and really chilled out.