I’ve just had a link from Chis’s blog blocked by this stupid NetKiosk thing I’m on. How rubbish is that! It’s not like there would be children using it anyways. Bums. Anyways, should teach me to click on a chis-link 😉

I’m in Apollo Bay in an internet cafe. And it is quite cool. I had forgotten how noisy they could be (in fact, all youth hostels must have a crowd of drunken noisy germans to be loud. I recall some very loud ones in Glasgow. I had good chat with a lovely Bostonian and her husband earlier tho. (Now that is the kinda honey moon I want – 8 months of randomly backpacking round the Southern Hemisphere!) (Actually I think I’d settle for Zanzibar but I’m not really fussy)

Right, Apollo Bay, I only got here about 6ish as I spent most of the afternoon in Lorne which is a pretty little beachside resort along the Great Ocean Road. It’s really chilled out and had a great burger shack and the sea is amazingling blue there. It was a little rainy and misty when I got to Apollo Bay but it looked very dramatic with the huge headlands all swathed in mist and the waves lashing at the shore. Very windy and crazy.

(They’re singing now!)

Plan for tomorrow is to chill on the beach for the morning,  perhaps find a cycle to some waterfalls, walk along some rainforest trail and generally chill. Wed morning I’m going to chill on the beach again and then either go to Warrnambool or back to Geelong/Melbourne. If I go to Warrnambool then I have to get a train at 5:40 to be back in Melbourne to make my flight to Tasmania. Stupid trains.

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  1. Apollo bay is the beach my parents would drive us to from home when we were kids. anout 2 hours in the car for the ocean!
    I also first got drunk there!

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