From this to this ….


which is rather cool.

I’m off to Apollo Bay tomorrow (not Apoloo Bay as I keep typing!) and plannng on having a few days of chilling out by myself before I head off to meet family in Tasmania on thursday. Yes! That’s it folks, I’m going to Tassie!

But anyways, some highlights from the last few days.

Liz took me to the Shanghai Dumpling Palace which is a Melbourne instituition. Dumplings are cheap and awesome. And we ate loads. She manages to do it while looking glamourous, I do it while dropping the meaty bits out. And it all came to less than $30 or so.

I did some more mooching around Melbourne and got some good pics. It really is a very glamourous looking city. And there is so much greenery. There really is parks everywhere. When I post the pictures from the Rialto 360 tower which is about 40 stories up, you can really see from my pics how many parks there is.

I went to Fitzroy Gardens and Captain Cooks House. The gardens are lovely and the house is just bizarre. The man who let me in gave me a whole bunch of waffle about how it was a reminder of how we dealt with death and other associated rubbish. Sriously, it’s just a cottage that’s been transplanted from Northern England. It’s not that exciting. Captain Cook on the other hand, was rather interesting.  Lots of voyages, some serious exploring and plenty of deaths. He was killed on Valentines Day and his bones were ground up by Hawaiians. Nice.

The really good thing about spending time in Melbourne is that I’ve gotten to spend some time with my darling little sister. Who is obviously delighted to see me!

unfortunately, she was more pleased with her coffee

More updates coming soon on:-

  • the Mornington penisula with the Maze at Arthurs Seat, Sorrento and t’Gallant vineyard
  • Lunch on the Colonial Tramcar
  • Pics from the Rialto 360