Australia has the weirdest wildlife!

yes, it really is peculiar!

We went to Cleland Wildlife Park today so I could see what Australia has to offer! It was 34C today so we melted a bit and it was too hot to cuddle the koala’s but we got to see them up close.

Tasmanian Devils – looks cute but vicious as only a really animal can be! 

Pretty duck thing with very long beak

A really friendly roo who was super happy to be fed by us!

A very sleepy wombat. Poor little thing – it was very hot.

 A big Red roo chills out in a semi porno style.

And Kate managed to tame a very shy wallaby into eating out of her hands. So cute. We then saw a baby wallaby getting into his pouch! So cute!

And then we came to the highlight! The koalas – they were so so cute. We went to a really interesting talk by one of the keepers who showed us lots of koalas who had all been handraised and bottlefed. The little chaps were much friendlier than those you would normally met in the wild and were so adorable. They obviously loved their keeper as they kept following her around and begging for cuddles.