The Overland – Melbourne to Adelaide

This was great, a real experience and a great way to spend 10 hours! Boardng the train at 8am after quite a few drinks with Toby the night before had meant that I was totaly not in the mood for gettng up quite *that* early! But once I was onboard, I was amazed at the superb service, the comfort of the seats and the total friendlyness of the staff. seriously,I’ve never got on a train to be greeted personally, had one of the staff greet us all from the front of the carriage and give us all the information about how the doors worked, how to lock the toilet doors (harder than you would imagine given how many people forgoet to do so!) and what was for sale in the rather charming little cafe.

We were also given quite a few little snippets and anecdotes about the various towns and sights we were passing. All done in a humourous tone of voice. The highight of our trip was near the end as we came into Adelaide and we crossed the Murray River.

I was then greeted by the smiling faces of Craig & Kate who took me for a glass of wine at the beach in Glenelg and then fed me. It’s great to see them again and the sheer luxury of a comfy bed in their lovely home.

The plan for today is that I’m going to brave Adelaide public transport and head into town for some mooching around and then perhaps to the beach for the afternoon. This evening we’re going to do a little light shopping and then dinner! Lovely. Tomorrow we’re heading through the wineries and the hills to the Murray river. I can’t wait!!