I’m in Hong Kong Airport. Internet is free. So civilised here. It’s just after dawn here and its almost midnight uk time. My bodyclock is going to be so screwed so soon! Cathay Pacific is great to fly on. Decent food, loads and loads of movies, an 11 hour flight was almost a pleasure. And joyously, it was the first flight in a few years where there was no turbulence!

Still, I shall be able to sleep once Wintrmute collects me from the airport and then I shall be off to experience the lovely weather of Melbourne.  9 hours in the air to go and an hour or so here at the airport.

Some bloke on the plain with me was wearing leather trousers. Now I realise that jeans and a vest top is not the smartest travelling attire, I really feel that leather trousers is exceptionally inappropriate. Hot, sweaty, smelly. It must be a fetish cos it couldn’t have been fashion sense. Unless he was german. Which is possible.

I’ve left my toothbrush at home. I knew I would leave something. Doh!